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Chison ECO6 Ultrasound

  • Chison ECO6 Ultrasound
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Chison ECO 6 portable ultrasound machine- The most powerful device with the best image quality in the ECO family- Built-in battery life of up to 3 hours for easy mobility- Multitude of clinical applications and powerful PW- New intelligent control panel: more comfortable, functional and intuitiveThe Chison ECO family of ultrasound machines adds a new member. A device that multiplies the virtues of these ultrasound machines to establish itself as the most powerful device, with more possibilities of action (it has a large number of clinical applications) and with the best image quality of the entire ECO range. And that is a lot to say.
The ECO 1 has made a name for itself as one of the best-selling ultrasound machines in the mid-range. The ECO 2 has marked a before and after in the field of health thanks to its premium features at a mid-range price. The ECO 5 has become one of the best color Doppler ultrasound system options with advanced technology at a competitive price ... and now the ECO 6 arrives on the European market with all the virtues of its predecessors and with a large arsenal of new resources.
As with the rest of ECO ultrasound machines, the ECO 6 model manages to stand out from the rest of the ultrasound machines on the market since it unites the best of two worlds: It offers state- of-the-art features that adapt like a glove to the work of doctors and physiotherapists and does it at a much more than competitive price.
Chison ECO 6 ultrasound technologies:1) FHI: Fusion Harmonic Imaging , maximizes image quality and resolution without losing penetration, a technology that is especially positive when performing deep patient scans.
2) AIO: Automatic Image Optimization , in B mode, it is used to optimize the distorted 2D image to preset the gain value; in PW or CW mode, it is used to optimize the spectrum baseline to the preset position.
3) Q-image: A series of innovative algorithms are able to improve triple image quality. In addition, the set of chips that make up the ultrasound system ensure the speed of the pixels.
4) Q-flow: Maximizes the color sensitivity of low velocity blood flow or deep vessels.
5) Q-beam: Improves image processing speed by improving signal transmission and receiving speed.
6) X-contrast: Greatly improves the contrast resolution by improving the signal-to-noise ratio.
ECO 6 Main Functions:1) CW: Continuous Wave Doppler, used to measure blood at high speed in the heart. In the case of mitral valve regurgitation, the CW mode can measure velocity and differentiate between philological regurgitation and pathological regurgitation.
2) HPRF: High pulse repetition rate and has two sample gates for accurate positioning of high speed blood flow, similar to CW function. But the speed it can detect is not as high as CW.
3) TDI: Tissue Doppler Imaging, it is used to detect myocardial movement and to analyze the systolic and diastolic function of the left and right function. For example, if there is a false positive diastolic function it decreases.
4) Color Mode M: Doppler mode within the M-mode image, provides color-coded qualitative information of fluid movement. It shows the heart movement and blood flow information at the same time. If there is mitral regurgitation, we use Color M mode to see the direction of the blood when the mitral valve closes.
5) ECG: A 3-lead ECG can be connected to display the real-time ECG waveform of patients on the screen, providing more diagnostic information for the doctor.
6) Free Direction M Mode: Offer 3 sample lines on the screen at the same time. Each of them can rotate 360 degrees. A very simple and time-saving function for clinicians.
7) Stress Echo: Uses ultrasound images of the heart to assess wall motion in response to physical stress. Helps confirm or rule out the presence of coronary artery disease. Because patients with coronary artery blockages may have few or no symptoms at rest. The symptoms and signs of heart disease can be unmasked by exposing the heart to excise stress. At stress echo, we offer default templates and user-defined templates, including real-time quadruple recording and reporting mode.
8) Elastography: Shows tissue stiffness in real time to provide additional diagnostic information when scanning organs such as the breast. It is mainly used to show the elasticity of the tumor as a replacement for the doctor's palpation. The strain ratio measurement quantitatively provides the relationship between the average strain of the selected region and the nearby normal tissue region.
9) 18MHz linear probe: The maximum probe frequency can be up to 18MHz. It is designed for superficial examination, provides superior detail resolution and contrast resolution , while penetration can be up to 8 cm.
10) Supper Needle: It uses an acoustic beam fusion method based on the normal image, to change the direction of the ultrasound beam and uses a low mechanical index to improve the visualization of the metal. Super Needle helps improve needle visualization during procedures. The needle line is adjustable by 30 degrees on each side, better for getting closer to the deep bowl.
11) 2D Steer: It is based on the huyghens principle, it directs the ultrasound beam to enlarge the image area in the far field, and it can also focus the ultrasound beam to improve the axial resolution, which is good for the scan of nerve, tendon and small deep vessels. 2D Steer performs a deflection of the ultrasonic beam by 20 degrees, to receive more information from the reflected echo and improve the visualization of the tissue information. 2D direction can not only improve image quality such as small vessels, nerves and MSK, but also can improve needle visualization. However, due to the low contrast, the needle enhancement is not as good as the super needle.
12) Real-time auto-tracing: In PW mode, it can track the spectrum in real-time and calculate RI, PI and HR automatically. Traditional trace is done after freezing, while automatic trace will display all data in real time, no need to freeze. Save time and improve work efficiency and accurate calculation results.
13) B / BC mode: Displays 2 images at the same time. One is in B mode and the other is in C mode. So you can get B mode information and blood flow information at the same time. For example, if there is a carotid plague, the doctor can measure the distance from the plague and view the blood information at the same time.
14) Triplex: Show mode B, C and PW together in real time. Let the doctor find the target tissue and display the spectrum very easily, without the need to go back to mode B or mode C and find the target tissue again. For example, when the doctor scans the carotid artery, if the image is zoomed out, the doctor can move the sample gate to get the spectrum directly.
15) Duadplex: Combine B, C and PW mode with automatic monitoring and measurement together in real time to help the doctor make the diagnosis more conveniently and accurately. For example, you can measure the umbilical artery of the fetus in quadriplegia mode.
16) Real-time panoramic images: Uses pattern recognition and image synthesis to generate and flexible vision to reveal more anatomical information for diagnosis. It can only be used in linear probe, and you can expand the scanning width in real-time scanning as long as you want. For example, it is very useful when the doctor tries to show the entire thyroid in one image.
17) Auto IMT: IMT is the intimate thickness of the media. The device can measure IMT automatically, with three results at the same time. This makes privacy measurement faster, easier, and more accurate.
18) Trapezoid: only used in linear probe. It can help increase the scan range.
19) Automatic Follicle Tracking: Automatically detects follicles and provides efficient follicle sizes for IVF procedure.
20) Multi slice: Cut 3D volume into different sectors, specialized for deep diagnosis .
Technical characteristics:- Main applications: Abdomen, OB / GYN, Vascular, small and specific areas (breasts, testicles, thyroid), conventional and superficial musculoskeletal, pediatric, basic cardiac
- Imaging technologies: i-Image, SRA, Compound, THI
- Display modes: B, B / B, 4B, M, B / M, PW
- Grayscale: Color Mode M
- Monitor: 12 inches - Rotation 30º
- Scanning depth: 240mm max.
- Probe frequency: 10MHz
- Zoom: 4 steps
- Software package: General, OB / GYN, URO, Cardiac, Vascular, Small parts
- File management: patient information management, image registration, exam report
- Power supply: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
- Full screen mode: i-Image, Chroma, SRA, Composite Images, THI,
- Memory card: 8G, PW mode

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